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Learning With Ms. Walker

    Business Image Management & Multimedia

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Business Image Management & Multimedia (BIMM) is an advanced course designed to provide students with opportunities to learn skills to meet the changing needs of businesses in the areas related to graphics and multimedia.  Students learn to prepare information in a variety of formats for web and desktop publishing.  Software programs learned include Microsoft programs PowerPoint and Publisher and Adobe programs Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. 

My students collaborate with the core academic subjects to create assignments that serve as an extension of the learning for that subject. Following is a list of projects which required using the core teachers as subject matter experts in addition to individual research.


Social Studies in BIMM

  • Political Cartoons
  • Graphical Timelines
  • Period Magazine Cover
  • Defining Who You Are using the Frayer Model
  • Magazine Editorial
  • Analysis of Supreme Court Cases Using PowerPoint
  Science in BIMM
  • The Body System